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Buyer’s Guide for Cambodia Properties

Buyer’s Guide for Cambodia Properties

Cambodia Charges/Fees/Legal/Stamp Duties for “Foreigner” (Updated 04/04/2014)
Residential/Commercial Properties :
Charges Calculation (estimates) Base on Purchase Price or Loan Amt Payment Frequency Remarks
Booking Fee USD1000/S$1250 One time
Upon Signing SPA 10 % of Purchase Price – Booking Fee Purchase Price One Time
Legal Fee >S$50 – $100 if using Notary Public Fee forWitnessing Signature

>US$300 upwards for Cambodian lawyer


One Time
Stamp Duty (Transfer Fee for Hard Title) 4% of property value payable upon Handover Purchase Price One Time
Tax on Immovable Properties 0.1% per annum (value determined byImmovable Property Assessment Committee) Determined by Assessment Committee Yearly
Tax on Rental Income 10% per annum on gross rent Rental Income Yearly
Capital Gain Tax N.A. for individuals20% for corporate Selling Price – Purchase Price One Time
VAT 10% (absorbed by Developer) One Time
VAT On Resale Applicable only for VAT registered companies One Time

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